Island Estates Abstract is centrally located in Westbury, Long Island and is a member of the New York State Land Title Association. We service title insurance transactions throughout the State of New York.

Closing thousands of transactions each year, our dedicated staff of attorneys and title professionals have the experience you need. From small residential refinances to complex commercial purchases, Island Estates Abstract helps you get to the closing table – quickly and smoothly.


A sampling of the many services that are offered at Island Estates Abstract.

Title Insurance

  • Mortgage Policies
  • Owner's Policies
  • Leasehold Mortgage Policies
  • Leasehold Owner's Policies
  • Cooperative Unit Policies

Foreclosure Services

  • Complete 40 year search
  • Listing of all Parties, Defendants and Objections
  • Copies of all Instruments
  • Tax Search
  • Bankruptcy Search
  • Filing of Notice of Pendency and Continuation

Property Report

  • Ownership Verification
  • Open Mortgages
  • Tax History
  • Judgment and Liens
  • Typed description of the property
  • Recording of Mortgage

Last Owner Search

  • Ownership Verification
  • All Open Mortgages


  • Single and Separate Certification
  • Map Certifications
  • Zoning Lot Certificates
  • Condemnations Certificates

Ownership Verification

  • Verifies record owner
  • Tax designation
  • Grantor
  • Deed date and Liber Page

Special Services

  • Co-op Searches
  • UCC Searches
  • Document Recording
  • Surrogates Court Searches
  • Corporate Searches
  • Foreclosure Certificates
  • Property Searches and Examination
  • Tax and Municipal Searches